Making Better Animations Using Scroll Magic Part 2

In my last blog about Scroll Magic ( I talked about a few things that will really help ease the stress of creating animations for your website. There were a few things I left out so I would like to complete the list with a few more tips: Using Unique Divs and Keeping Animations Subtle. […]

Falling Snowflakes WordPress Plugin

Some Holiday Cheer: A Free Falling Snowflake WordPress Plugin We have some pretty big fans of the holidays at our office, and this year we decided to take some time and create something to celebrate the season. So we came up with the incredibly novel idea of a free WordPress plugin that added softly falling snowflakes to any website. […]

Making Better Animations Using Scroll Magic

Things always appear more exciting and impressive when they are moving and interactive. Just as pictures were turned into movies to increase their value and interest, web developers are now including more animations and interactive elements into websites to help draw users in. This may seem daunting as animations have so many moving parts and […]