Our View on Vue.js

As a developer here at PDERAS, one of my favourite things to do is write code that can be used across many different applications. Writing reusable code makes it more valuable as it saves a considerable amount of time and effort while building other, later projects. Those are the main reasons why I have fallen in […]

Variable Columns for Datatables

Most developers have used Datatables when they want to display large amounts of data, but what happens when the structure of that data is different depending on the search parameters provided? How do you handle data that can have variable columns and column names all in the same table? We recently ran into this problem when […]

Making Better Animations Using Scroll Magic

Things always appear more exciting and impressive when they are moving and interactive. Just as pictures were turned into movies to increase their value and interest, web developers are now including more animations and interactive elements into websites to help draw users in. This may seem daunting as animations have so many moving parts and […]