Staff Meetings: Finding a Productive Balance

Here at PDERAS, we value productivity. We always have several web development projects as well as internal initiatives on the go, and so we focus on staying on task in order to meet our deadlines. Although we use Slack to communicate throughout the day (read more here), Trello to keep our projects organized (read more […]

Using Slack for Team Communication

Staying on task in order to achieve big results is important to us here at PDERAS. We recently grew from four team members up to six, and so wanted to have a system in place for asking each other questions without disturbing the others. Slack gives us the ability to choose to message either directly, […]

Using Trello For Our Project Management

As digital process consultants it’s important for us to practice what we preach. We want our project management to be accessible, open, and effective through the use of digital technology. Earlier this year we sat down and decided that Trello would be the main component of our project management. So far we have managed the large […]