Web development has moved beyond what the best language for the job is (since they all contain many of the same features, just in different forms) and into choosing the best framework to use. Frameworks create a base for developers to perform tasks that are used in all web applications without having to do the leg work. Two popular frameworks right now are Laravel and Play. One uses PHP and the other uses Java. So which one is better?

The most widely used framework for PHP is called Laravel. This is an open-source (free) framework that has a huge community and development team behind it. The documentation is substantial and there are many forms so even developers that are new to the framework can quickly pick it up.

Laravel Framework Features:

  1. Contains weak Type Safety (Information won’t be changing as it moves through the system, most of the time.)
  2. Using MVC architecture. (Makes code much more manageable and easier to navigate)
  3. Auto-c