Having been in the custom development industry for over a decade, we know that a cyclical process is the truest representation of a successful workflow. Don’t be misled by a linear process. Creating a complex, dynamic system requires a constant cyclical process of development.

A truly successful process is based on a repeating plan-build-measure cycle. This cycle will happen multiple times throughout a project and continues as the dynamic system evolves with a client’s needs. The number of cycles is entirely dependent on the size and scope of the project. This process might also be applied to multiple modules or developments simultaneously. In other words, at any given time, it’s likely that some aspect of a dynamic system is being planned, built or measured.

Plan. The plan phase takes on a variety of forms. It can occur during collaborative discovery sessions with clients and internally with PDERAS team members. Specific modules might be framed together, or large scale databases mapped out for future construction.

Build. The build process is the one step that occurs with the least amount of client interaction (that’s not to say they aren’t on our minds). This is the nitty-gritty time when the PDERAS team members working on your project do the heavy lifting and build based on the preceding planning phase.

Measure. The measure phase occurs throughout your project, not just after launch. Different modules and phases of development will have to be evaluated and tested throughout the process. The systems are dynamic and complex enough to deserve consistent analysis.

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