Bridging Technologies: How to Reduce the Clutter in Your Digital Space

Over the years we have found an increasing request from potential and existing customers for a new kind of service revolving around tidying up and linking existing applications and software together. We call this service bridging, but it could be considered digital technology integrations. This is work we really enjoy, even if it is a departure from our usual, larger, full-stack development projects. These bridges sometimes involve building or connecting with APIs, providing a middle ground, or communicating solutions that work as an unseen middle ground.

Our clients understand their current tools and efficiencies and they are savvy enough to find technologies that help improve the different aspects of their business. What is harder to understand is when these beneficial tools, brilliant to perform what is expected of them, begin to make things difficult as a whole, or when used in conjunction with other applications or software. These days most businesses operate multiple applications, SAS, and larger operations systems. The prevalence of such different technologies may be intimidating and often requires some finesse to ensure everything fits together correctly.

There are different strategies to deal with the different digital tools you are using. We have four suggestions to help you deal with your business’ tech clutter:

1) Maximize existing potential. Determine the full functionality of your technologies. You may find there are enough capabilities to reduce the number you use.

2) Spring cleaning. Don’t be afraid to clean house every so often. With countless free trials floating around it is inevitable that you have a number of irrelevant software applications hanging around.

3) Build a bridge. Sometimes all you need is for your applications and technologies to communicate with each other. Constructing a bridge or hub for your existing, essential technologies is often all that is required to make everything flow smoothly together.

4) Consider custom. Instead of trying to patch up your needs with many different products, consider looking into a custom solution. Although it may be more expensive, it will fit your needs perfectly and reduce having to manage multiple systems and processes.

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