Project Description

The Project

We helped the Edmonton Society for Christian Education automate student registration and better manage their membership data.

The Edmonton Society for Christian Education operates three schools under the umbrella of the Edmonton Public School Board. Although their students must register with Edmonton Public, they must also register through the Edmonton Society for Christian Education. As the ESCE has expanded over the years, student enrolment has steadily increased.

Previously, student enrolment was processed manually, straining resources for this not-for-profit organization at key times throughout the year. For this reason, we were contracted to develop and build an online enrolment and management system that would allow families to register students every year and act as a fee management system and an overall member database.

“PDERAS works with us to modify and expand the functionality of the system as new ideas or requirements come up. We know that we can always reach them on the phone to discuss the ins and outs of the system or the different ways it can be used to solve the problem. We’ve really enjoyed working with them.”

Peter Buisman - Chairman, Edmonton Society For Christian Education

A System that Coordinates Thousands of Students

The online software serves as both a registration portal for families and parents, as well as a registration and finance management system.

The Student Registration and Management System has a number of critical modules that integrate together to automate a number of important functions of the ESCE. The foundation of the system is a flexible member database that encompasses past and present families.

A front facing user system allows for families to register students for registration and re-enrolment. The system also integrates with the society’s external processes and assists with regular invoicing and accounting work.


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