Project Description

The Project

An online inventory management system and CRM.

Nothing But Tires began in a shed back in 2012 and has grown to a full-time business in west Edmonton. They have stayed true to their initial vision, and focus on providing affordable second-hand tires. Nothing But Tires has been consistently expanding since they first started selling tires, and with their new website decided a more custom tire inventory management system would be beneficial as well. You can see it live, here.

Before now, they would simply add different excel documents to their website – that would each need to be updated individually. We were tasked with taking the information present within all of the existing excel spreadsheets, and making it searchable, sortable and mergeable. The inventory management system also includes individual images of each tire so that buyers “know what they are before [taking] a trip down to our store.”

Screenshot of Inventory Management System for Nothing But Tires
“We had a wonderful time working with PDERAS to develop both our CRM and Inventory Management System. Both systems have significantly improved our business and lessened our admin workload. PDERAS worked with us to develop a number of custom functions and were continually available via phone and email from conception to deployment.”
Jordan, Owner, Nothing But Tires

A Custom CRM

Turning excel spreadsheets into a database.

The Nothing But Tires inventory system is searchable on the front-end for their website users and tire buyers and is integrated with a custom backend CRM for management. The “Merge” feature is one of many that sets the database apart from its pre-existing excel spreadsheet. Nothing But Tires staff can click “Merge” and the system will automatically detect any duplicates of a particular size, model, and brand in order to quickly make pairs into sets.

When a buyer is ready to make their purchase, all the Nothing But Tires associate has to do is select the desired tires, and enter the customer’s name and method of payment. Once the method of payment is selected, the system automatically charges all applicable taxes and fees before completing the transaction. From there, the Nothing But Tires associate can print off the invoice. Tire buyers are tracked and stored with their invoices attached to their profiles, making it easy for Nothing But Tires to select a bi-monthly free tire winner. Invoices can also be viewed separately from their buyers and are fully exportable.

A final area of customizability is in the settings area, where Nothing But Tires can easily edit the fine print on the bottom of their invoices. We have created a fully customizable system that Nothing But Tires can run without any assistance from us.

Screenshot of CRM System for Nothing But Tires




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