Project Description

The Project

Raintree Financial Solutions needed a process and compliance management solution that would establish them as the leader of the Exempt Market Industry.

In 2010 Pderas joined forces with Raintree Financial Solutions to create a unique and custom online application that enabled Raintree Administration to solve the logistical dilemmas facing their industry. Exempt Market Securities are a surging investment sector within Canada. A multitude of transactions occur every day between customers, dealer representatives, and dealer companies.

In communication and planning sessions with Raintree, we quickly understood that streamlining, monitoring and tracking the interactions between customers, dealer representatives and the Raintree team was crucial. We were able to map out and carefully plan a logical database that allowed an automation of the investment process from beginning to end, all the while being controlled and monitored by the Raintree administration.

Screenshot of Raintree ROOTS system

“PDERAS has been an ongoing partner with us for over half a decade. They have enabled us to become one of the most successful exempt market dealers in Canada. Not only has the system allowed us to improve our efficiency but it has provided us peace of mind when we deal with industry regulators and compliance requirements.”

Dan Brodeur - Vice President, Operations, Raintree Financial Solutions

A Cornerstone of their Business

The Raintree ROOTS System enables the highest degree of compliance and regulatory security.

Integral to the ROOTS system is the client database. This database securely stores information regarding the pending purchase of a client, purchasing history, and even family connections.

Streamlining the investment process is a crucial component of the ROOTS system. We developed a system that tracks orders throughout the purchase cycle. This system is fully automated and visual, resulting in the Dealer Representative and the Raintree administration team evaluating and ensuring orders are valid and compliant.

The management team can monitor an order at any stage of the investment process. PDERAS integrated automated updates and invoicing into the ROOTS system. In addition, a customized calendar with multiple layers ensured that different levels of the organization were always informed and up to date. Finally, a resource sharing section allowed the Raintree team to fully support and assist their Dealer Representatives throughout the investing process. Not only does the system perform at a high level, it is also incredibly secure. Raintree regularly employs third party digital security experts to ensure security standards are up to date.

Screenshot of Raintree ROOTS system


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